Breakfast Egg Sandwiches:  

Our breakfasts eggs are scrambled with real eggs and milk.  You have a choice of cheddar, swiss, pepper jack or provolone cheese.  Our meat choices are bacon, ham, or turkey sausage.  Pictured is our Florentine  Egg Whites Breakfast on an Everything Bagel with Swiss Cheese and Fresh Spinach.

Hours Of Operation 6:am-2:pm, Seven Days A Week!!!!!


Garden Salads:

These salads start with a base of spring mix, and my description to soon follow



Our Ruben.

Deli mustard, 1000 island dressing, pastrami, sauerkraut and swiss cheese. On your choice of bagel. Served with a side of cottage cheese or chips, and a pickle.  Pictured is the Ruben on an Onion Bagel

​Baked Fresh All Day